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LUXURY HOPI EAR CANDLES (45 mins) £31.50
Hopi-ear candles are a totally relaxing way to clear ear, nasal and sinus problems. The Hopi-ear candles act as a chimney effect and slowly drains ear wax up and out of the inner ear without any pain or discomfort. A relaxing lymph drainage massage is also included.

REFLEXOLOGY (1hr) £42.00
Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves the application of pressure to specific points, known as reflexes, on the feet to encourage the body to heal from within. The therapy is based on the principle that the feet contain 'mini-maps' of the whole body and that by applying pressure using the fingers or thumbs a reflexologist can have a positive effect on the corresponding parts of the body.

HOT STONE MASSAGE (25 mins) £35.00 OR (1hr 10mins) £65.00
This all-encompassing treatment starts with a full body skin brushing and exfoliation to prepare the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. This is then followed by a body, face and scalp massage using hot and cold stones on vital energy points and a blend of essential oils chosen to suit individual requirements. This truly holistic experience will bring harmony to both mind and body.