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Beauty Treatments


Face, arms and décolleté (15 mins)    £21.00

Legs (15 mins)    £19.00

Full body (30 mins)    £30.00

Top-up (30 mins)    £21.00
(must be taken within 5 days of first application)

Twinkle Tan* (15 mins)    £10.50
(Adds a gorgeous shimmer and is the ultimate glamour tan. Perfect for brides, weddings, parties, clubbing or special events)

*Exfoliate skin the night before, shave or wax the day before. Do not use make-up, deodorant or body creams on the day of treatment. Please wear dark, loose clothing.

*Twinkle Tan is applied on the day of the event, a day after your Fantasy tan has developed.

A patch test is recommended for sensitive skins